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Where Heritage Meets Innovation.

About Hasrah

Our story begins with a tribute to the roots of our founder, Mr. Haziman Hamzil, who envisioned a future that blends the wisdom of the past with the possibilities of tomorrow. Named after the esteemed grandparents, Hasiah and Rahman, Hasrah is more than just a property management project—it’s a dedication to family legacy and a commitment to community development. Under the umbrella of HAMZiL Global Ventures, Hasrah Home & Resort embarks on a journey to redefine living spaces and create sustainable, intelligent environments.

Our flagship project, “Teratak Hasrah, Mersing Johor,” proudly stands as a testament to our vision. Comprising four units—A, B, C, and D—with a monthly rental of RM 750 each, Teratak Hasrah is more than just a place to reside. It’s a thriving community nurtured by the fusion of youthful enthusiasm and time-tested experience.

This completed and tenanted project in Mersing, Johor, is just the beginning. Hasrah Home & Resort is committed to expanding its footprint across Malaysia, with a focus on developing areas aligned with Mr. Haziman’s groundbreaking vision of building smart floating cities. The convergence of innovative ideas and traditional values forms the foundation of our commitment to creating a better world for generations to come.

At Hasrah, we believe in the power of collaboration. With Mr. Haziman’s grandfather, Abdul Rahman Mat Lazim, playing a pivotal role in bringing this dream to life, our project is a harmonious blend of youthful ambition and the rich experiences of the past. Together, we’re not just building structures; we’re crafting communities that thrive on the principles of sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity.

Explore the future of living with Hasrah Home & Resort—a brand that goes beyond property management, extending a warm invitation to be part of a community that values both tradition and progress. Join us in shaping a world where heritage and innovation coexist, creating a legacy that stands the test of time.

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